Essay-Panda service process:

1. Please contact our customer service staff for the price and provide the required written materials (the original paper/requirements/grade/time limit/score requirements/special requirements, etc.). , Repeatedly confirm 10% clearly understand the customer and need to place an order for the customer in the future.

2. After the customer inquires with the customer service, they confirm that they need to use our high-quality and satisfactory writing service, and then our customer service staff will create an order for you on the official website. The official website will specify an order number after the customer service staff creates the order, and then ask the customer In the form on the right, enter the information provided by the customer service staff and then pay to place an order. Payment can be made by credit card/card/PAYPAL transfer/banking.

3. After completing the payment and receipt procedure, the customer service staff will check the order and check the account. After your operation, the customer service staff will immediately confirm with the customer, and at the same time place the order and work for the most suitable writer.

4. The writer will complete the work within the time limit required by the guest. After the writer completes the entire thesis (the graduation thesis is compiled separately), if there are any unsatisfactory/needs/problems in the inspection, the company guarantees to provide Modify the service unlimited times until everyone is satisfied.

PS: The company also uses special testing tools for universities such as Britain, America, Australia and Canada to ensure the originality of the papers and ensure high quality.